Author: Maxima

Fierce Aria Book Party!

Join me for a lively, soul-nourishing hour of celebration of the release of my book of poems, Fierce Aria! Featuring special guests: Sacramento Poet Laureate Emeritus Indigo Moor, Nevada County Poet Laureate Emerita Molly Fisk, and singer-songwriter (and also author, director and actor) Sands Hall. I will be giving away a book and other prizes, […]

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It’s Here!!!!

It’s here!!! Oh my gosh. My book of poems, Fierce Aria, arrived yesterday! I feel like a proud mama, in shock, awed by the beautiful book in my hands. If you pre-ordered the book during the critical pre-order period months ago, thank you!!! You helped me reach a needed milestone. Your book should arrive within […]

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