Fierce Aria Coming Soon!


My first full-length collection of poems, Fierce Ariais being published by Finishing Line Press! This is the culmination of ten years of intense work and focus. I’m thrilled and overwhelmed and nervous.

I’m writing to ask if you would preorder a copy now at Fierce Aria by Maxima Kahn at Finish Line Press.  

Why preorder and why now?

Because I have until March 13 to collect 205 preorders for the book. The number of preorders between now and then determines the size of the print run and the royalty contract I get. 205 would put me in the best possible bracket.

And it is pretty much entirely up to me to make this happen. Which is terrifying. Especially as I juggle the rest of my demanding work life.

But that is the world of small press poetry publishers. They have limited funds and staff, and almost all of the publicity and promotion, organizing of interviews, reviews, readings and sales falls to me, the poet.

That’s why I’m overwhelmed and nervous.

So, I would be elated, grateful and deeply touched if you would order a copy now. The sooner I reach my target, the sooner I can sleep at night.

Those are the reasons to order a copy for my sake. But I really hope you will also be doing this for your own sake. To bring some poetry, some beauty, heart, authenticity, art, wonder, revelation, solace into your life now.

You will have to be patient as the books don’t ship until May, but you will have done a hugely good thing for me, and in a smaller way, for poetry, and I hope for yourself.

I hope you will do it right now for 3 reasons: 

1. So you don’t forget.

2. So I can rest easier, knowing I am closer to my goal. 

3. So you have a little more fierce beauty in your life.

With love and thanks,


P.S. Here’s the link to order:  Fierce Aria by Maxima Kahn